Game LAB unique FEATURES

Ideas and concepts

You have the opportunity to develop your ideas and concepts into real products

Highly customizable

We follow and adjust based on the needs and requirements of the gaming industry

Fail Fast - learn fast

A safe place where failing and learning from your mistakes are encouraged!

Skills development

We help you raise your skills required for the game development industry

Game LAB Bucharest

Bringing together gaming passionates.


Game LAB was created from the need for aspiring game developers to get hands-on experience by working on their game projects. Learn useful new skills from industry mentors, fill your portfolio and grow your network of awesome game developers.



Based on a Finnish model, with their help, and together with our partners.

We are bringing a successful Finish training and development program that had its first edition in 2016 in Timisoara, Romania. First started in Oulu, Finland in 2012, the program has been growing ever since with amazing results. In just 5 years, Oulu Game LAB has created 12 new start-ups, 115 product concepts, and trained +300 professionals. Since then, Oulu has developed a new way of learning competencies through their OAMK Labs, as well as developing, supporting and creating innovative business solutions. Based on this new training and development program, they created 2 new LABs – EduLAB and DevLAB

Giving you the chance to experience start-up life in a safe environment.

What is Game LAB Bucharest?

An educational project-based learning program

Created for you, based on the needs of our local game industry. Game LAB combines your skills in a multidisciplinary team with the purpose of creating your own game concepts into reality. The LAB consists of intensive development combined with coaching and mentoring sessions. All ideas will meet a preselection gate before turning into real projects, as well as the projects will meet a final selection before the final presentations.

Learning by doing. Quality mentorship. Networking and having fun included!

Meet our awesome volunteers

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